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  • Ben's courses includes a huge variety of resources.
    - Colourful, lively, focused notes
    - Engaging and entertaining videos
    - Interactive exam technique videos
    - Full question debriefs

    You can access a selection of Ben's resources, for free, below

  • Ben's tuition course has 9 sections - 1 for each syllabus areas. 

    Here is 1 of those sections - Quality (syllabus area C) - so you can see the style of Ben's course.

    • Each syllabus area has a series of 'knowledge' resources, to make sure you have the technical knowledge needed to pass the exam.

      Below, you can see the 'knowledge' resources for Quality (syllabus area C).

      - Focus notes and technical knowledge video (Ben brings the notes to life with an engaging video)
      - Examiner articles 
      - Fireside chat (an informal discussion relevant to this syllabus area)
      - Quiz (to test your 'knowledge' before moving onto question practice)

    • Click on the 'focus notes' link to open up the notes.

      Then actively watch Ben's technical knowledge video to build your understanding of this syllabus area.

      Have the 'focus notes' in front of you (either printed or electronically) and add your own notes, in the spaces provided, as you watch the video.

    • Grab yourself a cup of tea, put your slippers on, settle down under a warm blanket.

      Time to join Ben for an informal discussion of issues relevant to this syllabus areas.

    • Use this quiz to test your knowledge of this syllabus area. Don't expect to get everything right....the questions are there to help to build your knowledge and understanding

    • The key to passing AAA is exam technique. Ben's course has been designed with this in mind.

      Below you can see the 'question practice' resources for Quality (syllabus area C).
      - Watch Ben question (where I show you the best technique for questions in this area)
      - Work with Ben question (where we work together, so you start to develop your own technique)
      - Homework question (which you do yourself, and submit for marking)
      - Extra question (supported by Ben's answer and debrief resources)

    • Ben shows you great exam technique in this video.

      Make notes as you are watching the video (using the space provided in the 'focus notes'). Writing down key learning points will help you to take them on board. 

    • Working together with Ben on this question will help to build your confidence, and will develop your exam technique, before you tackle an exam question on your own.

      Click on the 'Work together with Ben' link to open the question.

      Then watch the video whilst working through the question together with Ben. Pause the video wherever you need to, so that you can gather your own thoughts.

      Having watched the video and reviewed Ben's answer, make a note of exam technique advice / key learning points (using the space provided in the 'focus notes'). You are much more likely to take the advice on board if you have written it down!

    • Ben's answer and answer plan for the 'Work together with Ben' question.

      Only look at this once you have already worked through the question with Ben!

    • Each syllabus area also includes;
      - Homework assignment (marked with detailed feedback)
      - Extra question (for you to practice, with Ben's answer and debrief)

  • Ben's Revision Plus and Revision Core courses include 60 hours of activities for you to work through.

    Below is a selection of those resources so you can get a feel for the style of Ben's course.

    The course is broken down by question type. These resources are taken from the 'ethics' section of the course

    • Planning is the MOST IMPORTANT technique for AAA, we are starting with this. Get into good habits early smile

    • Watch this video for guidance on how to approach exam questions in this area.

    • Understand how to earn professional skills marks in ethics questions

    • Ethics questions are really repetitive. There are certain points you MUST make when explaining your answers to pick up full credit. Take this quiz to ensure you know what to write!

    • Boost your confidence, before attempting a full exam question, using this short ethics question.

    • Each question type also has
      - Marking challenge question (to build your understanding of how AAA is graded)
      - Homework question (on Revision Plus / Platinum, this is marked with detailed feedback)
      - Extra questions to practice